Radio Infocyde is a web only radio show that broadcast on Saturdays at 7:00 PM Arizona time ( usually +2 or +3 hours East Coast time, or +0 or -1 hours for Pacific time).  Radio Infocyde is hosted by Collin Smith (infocyde) and Michigan Bob.  Most of the topics we discuss are related to politics, spirituality, the so called “new world order”, and conspiracy theories.  We tackle all these topics from a Christian world view, though our views on the show we do not claim to represent the Christian community at large. Radio Infocyde was started with the goal of showing our listeners that the world is often much different than how it is presented on mainstream television, news, and radio.  We hope our take on current events and the topics that we discuss on the radio show will challenge our listeners to-

  • Re-evaluate their views of the world
  • Consider a relationship with Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
  • Stand in prayer and peaceful direct action against sinister forces that are in working in the world today
  • Gain an awareness to the closeness of Jesus’s second coming (though we make no claim as to know when Jesus is coming back, just that current events continue to point to the soon return of Christ)
  • Be encouraging -there are many others that share alternative views that often conflict with what is considered main stream (you are not alone, you are not crazy, and yes you are on to something)

Our broadcast are currently running about an hour and a half.  Feel free to email your questions, comments, hate mail, critiques, death threats, prayer request, whatever 🙂 to RadioInfocyde [at] gmail.com.


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