One of our listeners brought up donations.  So here is how you can help out Radio Infocyde.

Please consider praying for Michigan Bob and Infocyde. That we would walk in Jesus’s strength and in His will.  Please pray for Radio Infocyde, that it is something that pleases God and that He would use our paltry efforts for His Glory.

The above is “Christianise” for please pray for myself and Michigan Bob.  We are just normal guys, and we struggle with normal lives and the pitfalls and temptations that come with them.  We could really use your prayers to keep us honest and strengthened us against falling into sin and getting overwhelmed with the problems we face trying to keep our families together.  We really appreciate your prayers, and if you need us to pray for you about anything please let us know and it would be our honor to pray for you.  Prayer is the best donation you can give to Radio Infocyde.  Email us at radioinfocyde [at] or MichiganBob333 [at]  Thank you!

And now onto the money donations

Yeah, we take ’em. But we don’t beg.  If God is in what we are trying to do we will have what we need to accomplish our task.  If not, or if God has accomplished what he wished to do through Radio Infocyde and we are done with our mission, then we will fade. We would rather be in God’s will then stay on a course buoyed by donations that we probably shouldn’t have gotten that is delaying us from going to what ever God has for us next. For now we are broadcasting and moving forward. If you are interested in giving financially to Radio Infocyde, please consider the following first-

  1. Pray about it first.
  2. Are you out of debt? Please get out of debt as much as you can before supporting us.
  3. Are you supporting a local Bible believing and teaching church?  If not please help support the work of a God-fearing church in your area before you consider donating to us.
  4. Are you supporting charities in your local community?  If not, please consider supporting a local charity first.

Still with us?  Great.  We will now be happy to take your donations 🙂 You can donate through paypal-

Thank you.  All donations will be listed as anonymous, though if you need a receipt please let us know and we will provide you with one.  Also we plan to list all received donations here to provide accountability.  We will also tell you how we spend any money we receive.

Thank you for your prayers and whatever support you can give us.  Regardless, please listen, call in, email us, and otherwise enjoy the show.


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