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0001 Skeptics and Conspiracy Theories

Our first broadcast!  Very indie! Here Infocyde and Michigan Bob lay out the case that even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories they are still important to look at for seven key reasons.

0002 Easy Prepping Suggestions

With all the gloom and doom floating around in the news, the “prepping” craze is staring to catch on. Infocyde list a bunch of easy ways to increase your preparedness without going off the deep end or breaking your budget.

0003 Weimar America?

Picking up on the gloom and doom meme, Infocyde joined by Michigan Bob talk about the parallels between the fall of the German Weimar republic and the current state of the United States of America and the European Union.

0004 The Lost Episode

Maybe one day we will reveal episode 0004, but for now it remains hidden. Ha! I wish it was that exciting. Infocyde just screwed up numbering the episodes.  We might come back and do an episode 4 though sometime.

0005 Propaganda 101

Infocyde discusses common forms of propaganda and emotional manipulation used in mainstream media. Don’t let the media hack your mind!

0006 The US Government’s Report Card

Infocyde and Michigan Bob discuss the commonly referred to “eight pillars” of good governance, and how the US government is currently stacking up to the best practices of good governance.

0007 Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a subset of a group of UN “sustainability” programs that will affect and is already affecting every person on the planet, yet hardly anyone outside of conspiracy theory circles knows about it.  Michigan Bob and Infocyde try to sort the truth from fiction as we shed light on this important global initiative.

0009 The Bilderberg Group

It has always fascinated Infocyde how when a group of five or six world leaders meet together to discuss the future of the world there typically is a lot of media coverage, protest, and debate.  Equally fascinating is when a group of several hundred world leaders meet in secret once a year without ANY mainstream media attention.  Infocyde and Michigan Bob discuss the ramification of this secret group, it’s history, and it’s future.

0010 The Bohemian Club

Even more interesting is when 100’s of world leaders from the worlds of media, military, entertainment, politics, industry, and academia get together and party for a week, again with almost no media coverage.  Infocyde and Michigan Bob try to get to the bottom of this.

0011 Going Cashless

As technology and the public perception of the need of privacy diminish, so do the calls for society to go “cashless”.  Michigan Bob, Infocyde, and guest discuss recent moves to promote the removal of paper money from the world financial system, and what technologies might replace paper currency. And yes we touch on the Mark of the Beast and RFID technology 🙂

0012 Codex Alimentarius

Do you know that a bunch of bureaucrats at the UN got together and decided on a bunch of global food standards without much input? Did you know they even gave these standards a creepy name sure to draw the attention of conspiracy theorist like Infocyde and Michigan Bob?  Well the did, and we discussed what the Codex Alimentarius is all about.

0013 The UN Law of the Sea Treaty

The UN Law of the Sea Treaty is a potentially disastrous back door move by the green movement to regulate commerce on the entire planet disguised as a benign treaty that governs commerce on and in the seas. Infocyde and Michigan Bob expose it for what it is, a UN regulatory take over of the world. Yeah this is a little bit bolder speech than usual for Radio Infocyde, but listen and you will understand why.  And if you are pro-green or pro-UN, that is fine, but don’t you think you should have all your cards on the table for everyone to see?

0014 London Olympic Symbolism

An unprepared Infocyde tries to discuss all the weird esoteric symbolism associated with the London Olympics.  Michigan Bob, who actually did do some research and study, steps up to save the show and to shed some light on all the weirdness associated with the London Olympics.

0015 The Skull and Bones

Many elite universities in the United States and probably the world have secret societies and fraternal orders.  One of the most famous is Harvard’s Skull and Bones senior secret society.  Infocyde and Michigan Bob give a brief overview of the Skull and Bones; what it is, it’s history, and possible ramifications of elite secret societies on our republic.

0016 The Weird Symbols on the Dollar

Infocyde and Michigan Bob discuss how all those weird symbols would up on US currency.  We also talk about some of the weirder conspiracy theories surrounding those symbols, like how the symbols predict 9-11. We also discuss the possible ramifications of the presence of esoteric symbols often associated with Freemasonry and secret societies on our money.

0017 2nd Thessalonians 2:11: The Falling Away

In the second chapter of Thessalonians in the Bible a very disturbing picture of the world is presented right before Jesus returns.  2 Thessalonians 2:11 talks about a coming Lie that will deceive the world info believing that the Anti-Christ is God.  In this episode Infocyde discusses the first part of what he believes will set the stage as to why people who live in the “end times” will believe this lie. Infocyde also believes this first stage is unfolding before our eyes now.

0018 2nd Thessalonians 2:11 Evolution

Infocyde and Michigan Bob discuss problems with the theory of evolution for the first hour of the show, and then in the last half hour Infocyde proposes the theory that as evolution collapses as a theory, quietly scientist will begin to see other explanations as to human origins. Infocyde proposes that the alien engineers meme that is currently being pushed hard in movies, new age channellers, and alien contactees will be the new theory that partially replaces evolution.  Man did not come from God, but Man was engineered by aliens and they are returning.  This new view of origins will help setup the lie, or so Infocyde postulates, discussed in 2nd Thessalonians 2:11. [Note: If you want to skip our critique of Evolution and just get to the point of the episode, you can do so by skipping to about 63:30 in the show.]

0019 2nd Thessalonians 2:11: Aliens

So, have you noticed a lot of aliens on TV lately? Ancient Aliens on the history channel, the Energizer Bunny helping out a stranded saucer power up and then the bunny is abducted, the movie Prometheus. What about the uptick in UFO sightings lately? Check out all the mysterious flying lights on youtube recently? There are a lot of them. Radio Infocyde will attempt to surmise what these lights are, who is abducting people, what how (if at all) do these “alien visitors” play into the coming 2 Thessalonians 2:11 Great Lie.


0020 UN Arms Trade Treaty

Join Join Michigan Bob and Infocyde on Saturday July 21st at 10:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Pacific / Arizona time as we disect the UN upcoming UN Arms Trade Treaty.



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